MK week 9

Hello again,

Last week I didn’t post anything on my blog. You see, I’ve been far too busy trying to form a support group for the over-DMP  frustrated. Would have voluntarily taken the lead. No, seriously now: I had a breaking point which had to do with few different aspects of my life. I also felt that my DMP was never going to get released and it all seemed pretty pointless.

Two things had me regain grip: the first, which is not a thing but one of the greatest persons I know, is my friend Izanna who also happens to be a MKMMA certified guide. A small Viber chat with her in the beginning of this week was enough for me to cheer up. She didn’t try to influence me, she certainly didn’t tell me what to do. She was just hearing me and since it was her, it was so much. Thank you thank you Izanna. You’re so awesome and I’m lucky to have you as a friend 🙂

The second thing that happened was that I got a suspicious envelope in my mailbox. I opened it carefully and inside I found a compass and a magnifying glass from my guide John. Now that was THE signal for me to forsake heretic thoughts stemming from my old blueprint and simply keep on focusing. Thank you so much John, this couldn’t have arrived on a more suitable time. Also special thanks for hanging on and bravely reading me as well as for cleverly commenting. You’re a great guide!


5 thoughts on “MK week 9

  1. I so hear what you are saying.. I too have had the feeling of hmm.. this DMP is never going to happen anyway so why even try..
    But link arms and pull each other up.. we can do this..
    Keep up the good work, and how great that you are reaching out for help and not just letting go..

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  2. It’s such a cool little compass and magnifying glass isn’t it! Mine is now on my keyring so I see it all the time and it’s bright yellow which makes for it to be seen all the time! Keep going! You are on track and doing great. !!

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